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What We Do

Barson Executive Search has over 28 years of experience in executive recruitment for Banking, Wealth Planning and Trust and Corporate & Professional Services in Asia through Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou, Taipei and Singapore.  The Managing Director was the leader of one of the first international search firms to be granted a license to conduct executive search services in China in 2003 and subsequently grew offices through Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Barson Executive Search offers a strong team of experienced consultants, representing each of the firm's industry specialty practices and capable of working with clients anywhere in Greater China from Hong Kong.

As part of its long-term commitment to the Asia market, Barson Executive Search focuses on assisting clients with all of their executive search needs and is committed to the growth and success of our client's corporate strategy through the identification and attraction of the most suitable executive leadership team. We have expertise in working with multinational, small to medium sized and in particular new start up companies in the growth and development of these client companies. In addition to providing tailored executive recruitment services, Barson Executive Search offers consulting advice on recruiting the most ideal talent for a clients business in Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries and how this differs to other international markets. 


Executive Search & Recruitment



Proposed Assignment Management

We identify sufficient competing institutions and other relevant organisations operating in the region (principally in Hong Kong) to offer a credible universe of candidates to fill the executive position. To expedite the search process, we will take a team approach with Consultants who have extensive experience recruiting professionals in Hong Kong, China and across Asia.


The Barson Executive Search research capability is extensive and targeted, and we commit to exhaustively comb the market for the most appropriate candidates for each assignment we undertake.  Finally, unlike other search firms, we are not restricted by extensive "off limits" policies in sourcing candidates and have broad freedom in approaching individuals from all competitors and other related businesses.


Our approach and strategy for the search will be as follows:-


- Using extensive original research, our database of potential candidates, our network of industry sources and clients, in conjunction with the contacts, resources and reference library of our Central Research Department, we will build a comprehensive list of relevant candidate names drawn from the targeted universe.  No limitations will be placed on the nationality of qualified candidates but a distinct preference will be to identify suitably qualified Asian (most notably Chinese) candidates that have attained a similar status within their current employer.


- All prospects whose qualifications parallel the agreed candidate profile will be interviewed and assessed by our consultants personally.  We verify prospects academic and career achievements without due prejudice to their existing position and also pay close attention to their personality and their likely suitability to the culture of the client. During this initial screening, we will present weekly progress updates at each stage of our search.


- Final interviews with the most qualified candidates will be conducted and confidential written reports will then be provided on a selected shortlist of candidates. These candidate reports provide a thorough review of previous accomplishments, an assessment of personal characteristics, culture fit, management style, and verification of educational and employment background. 


- Our presentation of the candidate reports will also assess the candidates’ likelihood of success in executing the agreed position parameters.   We aim to present between 3 to 5 candidates for the client to interview personally, with the goal of an offer being made to one of those candidates for the position.  A target date of four weeks from the commencement of the assignment is set to complete the presentation of short-listed candidates. 


- In completing the assignment, we will advise client on formulating an appropriate compensation package for the new executive that is hired.  At client request, we will negotiate the details of the package and structure the employment contract with the preferred candidate.  Our involvement with our client is a continuous relationship, and we will endeavour at all times to help the new executive with his / her successful integration into the client’s distinct organisation.  

Proposed Time Schedule

Weeks 1-3        Initiate by phone the name identification (research and mapping) process.


Weeks 2-4        Screen potential candidates and conduct interviews.


Week 3-4         Present our shortlist of candidates (typically between three to five candidates).


Weeks 4-6        Confirm interview schedules.


Weeks 6-8        Forward reference checks and other essential information to you, and assist                              you to ensure the selected candidate accepts the offer.


On-going          Follow-up with the successful candidate consistently during the first few                                    months in their new job and feedback relevant comments to the client.


-  Retained Search at 27% fee rate of guaranteed first years annual remuneration - Invoiced a third on commencement, a third on presentation of shortlist and the final on offer and acceptance of the successful candidate.

-  Exclusive Contingency at 27% fee rate of guaranteed first years annual remuneration - Invoiced on offer and acceptance of successful candidate.


We are committed to the success of all search assignment and we look forward to working with you, and assisting you in recruiting the right candidate for each position within the defined timeframe. 

Practice Areas

Corporate & Professional Services

  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Company Incorporation
  • Company Secretarial
  • Accounting
  • Tax Advisory
  • Fund Management

Banking & Financial Services

  • Trust, Wealth and Estate Planning

  • Fund Management

  • Corporate Finance, M&A

  • Corporate Lending

  • Structured Trade Finance


(across specialisms)

  • CIO, Trust, Wealth and Estate Planning

  • CIO, Fund Management

  • CIO, Brokerage

  • Senior Project Manager, Structured Trade Finance

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